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38 spesh & b.e.n.n.y. the butcher – my river lyrics


[verse 1: 38 spesh]
ayo, check it
i give em speeches, the road can be a little misleading
just make sure your name on the rental agreement
and if you get caught, might sit for a weekend
if the judge give you bail, you hit it, you leaving
real n-gga treatment, the pain i felt done k!lled a n-gga
the blood, sweat, and tears i dropped done built a river
my childhood friends is locked, i chilled with k!llers
if you old and you broke, you dealing with guilt and bitter
i been up, trips out west middle of winter
give us an address, and i get ’em delivered
car not a rental, bricks fill up the fender
a n-gga from the crew steal? we k!ll every member
a lost a few mil to hidden agendas
one time the driver never came back from denver
that was a bad hit, admit i was injured
but i built a good rapport with the plug, he remembered
he remembered all the things i got rid of
the reason he lit up, all i need is a lender
receiver and sender, it’s a difference between achievers and spenders
we put keys in a blender
we was them n-ggas with heated tempers
going home and coming in, repeat offenders
i meet a chick, then i reinvent her
i pimp her to a successful hoe, can’t be a brenda
now where my pimp cup?
told the b-tch, “i ain’t listening to sh-t, i just instruct”
why these n-ggas all bent up?
is it cuz i got the m6 plus cl-ss and a benz truck?
now they wanna stick us
when your casket shut, don’t wanna hear that innocent stuff
i see the future, i sense stuff
problems never meant much, we roll on you like a lint brush