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38 spesh & big ghost ltd – purple lotus lyrics


[verse 1]
ayo, i don’t sleep, i’m a bad dreamer
i had a jack and a beamer when you was watching a cat meter
i always been a cash schemer
i blast meaners, spray it at your glass like it’s glass cleaner
we up, it’s a lot of bread when we re+up
the elephant in the room, i refuse to be fed peanuts
your man got shot in his legs and beat up
now he in the hospital bed with his feet up
let’s meet up, the ghetto is listening
i don’t speak much, just grab the metal and settle the differences
these n+ggas telling these b+tches sh+t
go ahead talk, n+gga
that’s what you gon’ end up missing with, huh?
[?] the beef with, [?] two sticks and piece
like we was eating a j+panese dish, huh!
your wife a mean b+tch, with mean lips
could handle the shoulder, she should’ve made the dean’s list

[verse 2]
ayo, i was [?] very often, you scary unconscious
our father+in+law’s made sure his daughters was married to [?]
very exhausting when your peeps gotta carry your coffin
so f+ck a funeral, k!ll em and bury the carcass
barely talking, ’cause i’m trying to clear me a fortune
got a white judahs that remind me of larry in boston
for the culture, we’re the ones that carry the torches
and [?] ain’t hard to tell who very important
took risk but really we won it
made a lot of money under the table but we rarely report it
my progress is yelling “record it”
they said i cleared a million all of this cash from [?]
now i’m getting various offers about benny’s deals
when it still but i took various losses
but y’all gon’ hear me regardless
so many [?] that my kids scared of my closet
i never had to [?]
like, i saw opportunities growing up where i could’ve robbed somebody or did something bad to somebody but i always stopped
role models, is usually what you see most of, right? it’s something that you’re kind of [?] with and you see and you will become. i never saw any lawyers, doctors, right? firefighters, there was all of that stuff. what we always saw was the police and they came to do two things; pick up dead bodies and arrest people