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38 spesh & big ghost ltd – sorrow lyrics


f+ck these n+ggas want, man
i’ve been giving y’all what y’all want‚ man
know what i got for y’all
i got a motherf+cking bullet for every single one of you motherf+ckers‚ haha!
ayo big ghost‚ we’re about to k!ll these n+ggas, man
another one, trust
huh‚ huh, huh!

ayo, my man ran away from the plug‚ that added more stress
i told them it wasn’t my fault and bought em a covert
i’m dealing with the same people, ain’t took a loss yet
everything [?] i send them right to your door+step
my b+tch got hit with a [?] sh+ll, in her head and her chest
but she ate those sh+lls, i guess they wanted me dead
but that ain’t gone well
now we both eating brunch in a great hotel
n+gga, we break down bricks, no ain’t no scale
i smoke all my weed if the weight don’t sell
shout out to the og’s that ain’t gon’ tell
they posting due ten but masking that they hold twelve
oh well, you can’t re+write the beginning
they like when you’re broke, they don’t like when you’re winning
i’m the shooter, the clip and my rifle is standing, out the window
[?] on n+ggas like i’m michael bivins
[?] trap out the house when no lights was in it
had to eat in that house when the mice was in it
now i’m like “oh sh+t, my life’s just ended”
i got four nice v’s but my license is suspended
got a b+tch in the bank i ain’t ride in a minute
diamonds, they [?] in the ring like tyson was in it
told my son, “no, you can’t my ice for a minute”
you wear my chain to school, sh+t you might get suspended
you got a lot of garbage+ass rappers out here
these n+ggas ain’t supposed to be rapping, you know i mean?
this game is meant for a select simple few, select few, man
everybody, is not for everybody, man
just don’t think you can just start rapping and sh+t, man
stop it, i’m tire, i’m tired of you, man