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38 spesh – free jewels (interlude) lyrics


peace, i’ma learn you
back  in the day, you go the studio, you pay your hundred dollars a hour for your f-ckin’ studio time and sh-t
get  that sh-t mixed and mastered and sh-t, know what i’m sayin’?
a lot of mothaf-ckas got funded big drug dealers, know what i’m sayin’?
n-gg-s that did crime, that’s why hip-hop a lil’ bit harder
cause  n-gg-s that had money, know what i’m sayin’, they was sellin’ drugs
they  was out there gettin’ it how they live and sh-t, know what i’m sayin’? boom
and then they went into the studio with that money, with that fast life money
nowadays,  everybody can get in the studio
the studio is the apartment, know what i mean?
the studio is the crib, they mommas crib, they mommas bas-m-nt, know what i’m sayin’?
in the room, know what i’m sayin’? boom boom boom
like,  hip-hop is supposed to be special and sh-t
n-gg-s don’t got no talent cause babies know how to work the tablet, my n-gg-
i seen babies work the tablet, five year olds and sh-t work the tablet, yo
anybody can do this sh-t! know what i’m sayin’?
a caveman can do it, like that geico sh-t
but not everybody can do this sh-t good