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38 spesh – home game lyrics


[verse 1]
interrogated cause my jail record
but i don’t know sh+t, b+tch i’m airheaded
understand that the cops got fed methods
when you was locked, they gave you a beer beverage
you was there desperate, got your years lessened
for a fair sentence, answering their questions
now your peer’s leverage
but ima leave you for the paramedics
and disappear like your b+tch hair edges
cross country, mailing cash
good dad, i’ll whoop my kid ass if he fell in class
a1 cocaine, made me h+lla cash
sell it fast, you n+ggas got trailer trash
you not that well in math
that’s how your clique fell in half
you a boss with a jealous staff
how long will a felon last
selling birds, my life deserve some type of telecast
the judge got dates to lock me
but i was upstate eating steak and broccoli
that mean you ain’t got what it take to stop me
my dining room table in my place versace
it’s new 38 n+gga take your copy
on a date with a b+tch that can’t wait to top me
lost weight, moving on the interstate was sloppy
i’m straight long as i communicate with papi
i faced atrocities, devils is watching me
i tried to move at a lower lever velocity
was taught to set schedules properly
i built a monopoly off of these intellectual properties
i got rich off my own name
interstate 38 that’s my own lane
i still pay 38 for the whole thing
and bring it back to my city like a home game