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38 spesh – overkill lyrics


ayo, if you’re getting money better [?]
every n+gga around me did a bit a piece
i was selling slabs like ribs to eat
and your b+tch don’t care if the kids’ asleep
i can never live in that misery
like, look where y’all live, your cribs is cheap
before the cops came i hid the heat
and everything got hit from your wig to feet
n+gga asked about me, say he is a beast
and smoke more weed than wiz khalifa
a lot of pain is what i give the streets
and if you see cops tryna ops, that’s pigs with beef
i survived shoot outs
put a down payment on your head
like i’m trying to buy a new house
gotta find a new route ’cause when i re+up
i got boxes everywhere like i’m tryna moving out
i know what consignment about the [?]
and you’re just now finding this out
you really wanna see what that time is about?
you’re gon’ fold like a bed that’s inside of a couch
now let me tell you what my [?] is about
i got a b+tch named gorgeous with a gorgeous mouth
i sold crack outta gorgeous house
i’m nowhere near it but still control it like a cordless mouse
i got a heart that’s [?]
how it dies a thousand deaths so that’s how you’re still living
n+ggas know i got a real vision
i want a safe so big that it feels like a male prison