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38 spesh – smoking gun lyrics


i was ah young n-gg- selling things
my role model was ah king with a dream from medellín
my 1st brick, i was 17
blue benz’ and yellow beam’
praises due to the elohim
i had problems that you never seen
this what the ghetto bring
we settle things letting metal scream
undercovers know i’m mailing green
i was interrogated 14 times and i ain’t tell ah thing
stayed quite cause i know the law
followed protocol
and got ah paid lawyer that i know to call
n-gg-s wanted me dead, over broads
i go to war with 2 shoulder straps
look like they overalls
huh’, y’all ride in stolen cars
can’t hold ah charge
knowing loyalty is a code of ours
i’m ah pimp, so i mold ah broad
i role with 3 hoes like ah bowling ball
n-gg- i sold it all
i could tell that ya team fake
never seen cake
ya never win hating on ya teammates
i’m from ah place where they breed hate
to my enemies in the ‘state
i pray ya get ah release date
cause i hate to make beef wait
ya send shots? guaranteed something back
it’s like ah rebate
now-a-days b-tches be fake
got ah -ss
is that an original -ss or ah remake?
these hoes nothing but cheap-dates
i told her ‘meet me at philippe’s’
and showed up ah week late
n-gg- i’m expected to be great
one of the hottest in the state
and that ain’t nothing to de-bate

38 strategies of raw is coming n-gg-
know i’m saying?
5 shots
5 shots
38 strategies of raw n-gg-
february 1st
february motherf-cking 1st it’s going down
know i’m saying?