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38 spesh – soul pain lyrics


yo, ayy yo, ayy yo

n-ggas ain’t showin’ no love, that sh-t a sting
my pain and my pleasure all came from the kitchen sink
what you think? i ain’t got enough paper to get you chain?
when you blink, send a b-tch to come get you, her pistol pink
it was ’round autumn time, i was in a mink
havin’ business meetings with people, official links
million dollar conversations while we gettin’ drinks
take my kids to egypt to see the pyramid and the sphynx, think
streets cold but i couldn’t leave
ended up with a list of enemies and a book of thieves
i seen some things you wouldn’t believe
i thank god my baby mama survived and she here for the seas
i heard she was shot, couldn’t breathe
i dropped to my knees, started to pray, and god took the lead
a true hustler when you look at me
if you knew the amount of pain that i suffered, then you would agree
we was young n-ggas bookin’ g’s
your plug was drunk and tried to drive, so i took his keys
we could count but couldn’t read
learned ’bout the george washingtons but never learned ’bout the booker t’s
our educators was pushin’ keys
gotta watch for these haters, b-tches, and the crooked d’s
could care less what a hooker need
she let me use her house from time to time so i just cook and leave
we was comin’ from a hard place
carve weight on plates with empty stomachs ’til we all ate
now i’m comin’ in an r8
we was kids, y’all played, i squeezed a hundred in a small safe
i don’t care about what y’all make, we all straight
long as my kids in a place i could call safe
’cause i came from a hard place
moms on base, n-ggas smokin’ rocks ’til they jaw break
n-ggas see-through, actin’ like i didn’t feed you
what could it be that would lead you to be deceitful?
we was all on a journey to feed our people
this what happen when n-ggas beneath you is treated equal
so if i gotta take the road to china, my ho the driver
and she gon’ be with me to pull these overnighters
’cause these n-ggas so v-g-n-
watch all signs, you knew he was a thief when he stole your lighter