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38 spesh – stick n move lyrics


[verse: black geez]
ayo, welcome to the dark side where n-gg-s get stabbed up
pistol whipped, and hog tied
rochester, new york, home of the homicides
seen n-gg-s die over pride
this for my block hustlers, all day outside
this for my hitters, keep a dirty burner on the side
i can tell you a b-tch when i look you in your eyes
and i’m still old school partner, we can shoot five
or get on some gangsta sh-t and let slugs fly
and i won’t get caught, fam, so f-ck a alibi
you can get chopped down no matter your size
just a few lil’ tricks that i learned from the wise
mean what i say, and say what i mean
cause rats get trapped when they lookin’ for cheese
black geez, king of this grimy sh-t
and no one’s gon’ debate who i’m ridin’ with, trust