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38 spesh – trust gang lyrics


yeah, trust my word
trust gang, n-gga
yo, uh, yo

[verse 1: kl-ss murda]
they say don’t respect the one that gets shot, respect the n-gga that shot him
i respect the n-gga that sent him to handle the problem
ex-b-tch said she pregnant by me, now she screamin’ child support
man, this b-tch hate me, i feel lit, she ’bout to wild in court
i ain’t payin’ you sh-t, just bein’ honest
b-tch, i sell dope, what wages they ’bout to garnish?
i do this for the hustlers that get in the zone from us
every time i re-up i get a new phone number
you ever been in a drought, told the plug you need pounds?
then he pull up like, “this the only thing i found?”
open up the bag, everything brown
but you gotta take it, it’s the only thing ’round
big brother caught an attempt, but he still smile
and they gon’ give him 18 if he blow trial
life hard, i’m doin’ everything i can, lord
i ain’t evil, i’m just tryna pay my landlord

[verse 2: green double]
might lie to myself, say i don’t need much
i’m f-cked up, i’ll be good when the p’s touch
i got myself in the illest situation
and i never froze, i’m good with those, i never hesitated
see i been cruisin’ ’round the city in them foreigns lately
dealin’ with spesh, t, and philly got me more angels
get a rollie on my arm, cuban on my neck
foreign for a car, hundred thousand for a check
if a n-gga gotta ride, then i’m sendin’ clips
if not i’m with tci poppin’ big sh-t
spending benjis on pennies with benny
act silly, get them semis, call up nitty, huh
call up wire, that’s the hit-up, let him fly out
then the p-ss, go to cl-ss, then we divin’ ‘cross the pylon
tcf, trust gang, yeah, that’s who they got they eye on
it’s our year, y’all wack, f-ck bygones bein’ bygones, trust

[verse 3: benny the butcher]
hand on my gun, other hand on the wheel
make a perfect right turn while i’m blammin’ the steel
my uncle had to show me how to handle a scale
’cause my pops never taught me how to handle the pill
i came off the porch early, i was caught dirty
now i’m boss-worthy and my main broad curvy
ridin’ back home, the trunk of my car dirty
it’s noon, i’ma make it back by 4:30 (almost home)
hustlers runnin’ in (in), j’s runnin’ out (out)
and we never hit you if you came unannounced
that’s your lil’ b-tch but i slang out the house
i starved while she survivin’ off the change out the couch
back then you probably could’ve caught me whippin’
sweatin’ over the stove in a foggy kitchen
marina dog food when my squad get mentioned
i traded in my spoon for a coffee blender, n-gga

[verse 4: 38 spesh]
yeah, ho, i never take an l
plug cross country, i just wait for mail
dope so good that it could take a twelve
fiend tried it and went straight to h-ll
y’all n-ggas snakes, y’all can’t wait to tell
half -ss waitin’, had to make a sale
work so heavy, it could break a scale
so much c0ke that i could make a trail
you made a sale, you was facin’ 12
told on your man and you escaped from jail
38 special, it was made to k!ll
leave the crime scene and take the sh-lls
loose lips sink ships, afraid to sail
get low, my hoes say i’m aging well
she drove the bricks in a gray chevelle
i bought her a bag, it was fake chanel
and she walk around like she bougie
i live life like i should write the movie
broke -ss n-gga still lightin’ loosies
goin’ half on dimebags like the looneys, uh
you n-ggas never had to fight
you ain’t k!llin’ nothin’ with your gun, you bought it for braggin’ rights
got it for an average price
i’m married to the white girl, that b-tch is a bad wife