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38 spesh – venting 2 lyrics


know what i’m sayin’?
this my type of music right here

[verse 1]
i’m tryna figure where the team went
we all took risks, broke bread, had a real agreement
when you was locked, i sent you pink slips when you need it
said i’d be there soon as your feet feel the cement
but n-ggas ain’t as real as me here
if i ain’t help you, think of the position you still would be in
you fell victim to your inner demon
it’s inconvenient when somebody say they with ya
but don’t really mean it
you went behind my back pillow-speakin’
hear the secrets get to spillin’ to these b-tches
when you feel a grievance
i never thought that we would end up beefin’
i shoulda seen it, but couldn’t
still tryna find the missin’ pieces
like i wasn’t there with your nieces
you was incarcerated
know your father hate it and sister speechless
and i could get you hit the cheapest
but i’ll put in my own work
do dirt ’til i sit beneath it
we was kids, you had a plug, was gettin’ it cheaper
and we was all in the trap eatin’ chicken and pizza
you never let me meet your plug, this why it’s deeper
i met mine and let mine officially meet ya
and that situation, life-changer
if i had to use words to explain it, i would write pages
but the way we playin’, quite dangerous
we was like brothers, now that money got us like strangers

huh, know what i’m sayin’?
that’s just what the money do sometimes, you know?
make you fall out with n-ggas you been cool with since the motherf-ckin’ sixth grade and sh-t
motherf-ckers get short-term memory and sh-t
you know what i mean?
they forget about
you know, all that other sh-t

[verse 2]
how could you steal from me?
you ‘posed to be my sister
how could you ever think to hurt me?
and now, reconsider
two years p-ssed and i’m still not speakin’ with ya
like big said, money and family is an evil mixture
i was there when you need it, n-gga
for the kids, i put food in the crib
and gave you weed and liquor
i never thought that i’d be beefin’ with ya
but you never miss the water ’til it’s gone
and you don’t see the picture
and to my ex-girl, i don’t regret you leavin’
i’m kinda glad that you gone, i needed extra freedom
every day i’m gettin’ special treatment
and i wake up feelin’ like i just left a successful meetin’
these n-ggas wanna catch you sleepin’
it be the same ones you looked out for, and gave ’em extra pieces
it’s jealousy that kept you speakin’
i might pull up with the windows down, that’s just to let you peek in ’em