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38 spesh – what more lyrics


[verse 1]
i’m bein’ watched by the task force
it’s a crash course
when they try to stop your only cash source
fourteen with a crack charge
where i’m from, some say it’s the slums
but i call it my backyard
bad b-tches, fast cars
started off coppin’ small then graduated to trap stars
i get chauffeured in the black car
my driver pull up and throw bricks
i sit in the back, bored
me and moms was mad poor
dad gone, i ain’t hurt yet, still i’m a tad small
couldn’t cry, had to stand tall
knockin’ bags off in front of the store
wishin’ i had more
fell in love with a bad wh0r-
her i had, though
she brought the bricks back in the rav4
back then, now fast-forward
live wealthy, kids healthy, what more can i ask for?

huh, right?
you know?
that’s all we really ask for, you know what i’m sayin’?
long as the kid’s straight
you know what i mean?
family good
that’s all that really matter, know what i mean?
let’s go

[verse 2]
y’all want me to fall easily
it’s easy to make money, it’s just hard legally
i told b-tches i don’t care if y’all be with me
know if i fall that’ll result to y’all leavin’ me
i told my dogs i was there when y’all needed me
when i split the pie, i made sure it was done equally
but n-ggas snitchin’ more recently
but me? i would never speak to the people
i swore secrecy
but i found myself keepin’ beef
secret compartment in the v
that’s controlled by the heated seat
and i’m quiet when i see the police
your words will be held against you in court
you’re not free to speak
i used to grind so eagerly
eyes low like the vietnamese because i needed sleep
i guess it’s just the beast in me
as the day p-ss, i gotta make cash
then rest peacefully