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3am – aymun lyrics


aymun i’m just a layman
forcing you to read this cr-p like a salesman
your sketches are the best making pic-sso,da vinchi & vincent go on a vacation
may i make you a request?
i’m not impressed unless you make me a sketch
who am i kidding?
d-mn,i lie so much it’s hard to digest
everything of yours is so perfect
you make my raps deflect
as a matter of fact
i want that same as yours,i’m talking zest
we should make a duet
i write the raps
you make the sketches
then we’re gonna pose,silhouette
isn’t that bad-ss?
i’m blessed to have you as a friend
i’m like tribbiani and you’re like rachel green so sad we will never be close and
the way you dress makes other peeps look like a mess
your ask,ig,facebook makes people wanna hate themselves
nevertheless keep doing that stuff which you do with your pens
if you ever feel depressed just know you’re better than most of these fake f-cks
trying to act like they thugs showing how much they are tough giving each other fake hugs
taking snaps then faking how best the last night was
aymun just pick that brush
draw someone cuz you’re an inspiration
and your sketches are love