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3am – bangin’ and ballin’ lyrics


bangin’ and ballin’
i’m bangin’ and ballin’
you know,bangin’ and ballin’

fresh off the supremes
sippin’ on promethizine,you know i’m clean
never had nothing,my pocket full of green
look at my jeans,just like a fiend
i swear you’ve never seen such things
pretty and exotic,she calls me when she h-rny
i f-ck her and keep on my mazi cuz she knows i got it
just like tom brady,you know i’m pretty
saucin’ in that new mercedes
f-ck the practice,you know it’s just magic ,huh
hublot make her do things,you never expected
that big as f-ck,i know she gon’ grab it,i know she gon’ grab it
cuz shorty got that habbit
chasing money like alice chased that rabbit
all my people they savage
hardcore but i ain’t an addict
i’m from another planet