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3am – day & night lyrics


day & night,day & night !

uh,day & night i’m on some same sh-t
with yo’ girl in my crib,she strips
i call for a censorship
i might be willin’ to have her sponsership
i’m controlin’ yo b-tch like i’m on govornership
gold lambo’s,i’m filthy rich
might not be your favorite rapper,ho i’m just a kid
i’m gettin better day by day,admit
she asked what my height is?
i said do i give a f-ck?
then why the f-ck are you so concerned?
wait,i just heard
some sounds of you gettin’ nerved
ho shut the f-ck up
you call that absurd?
i’mma free you like a bird
but before that i’ll f-ck you with my words
while i hum like a hummingbird
i’m trying to save earth
by k!lling you people
i support’freedom of speech” cuz i believe in that eagle
i told that guy “me and you aren’t equal”
all i need is to smoke some reefer
my ex called me a weeper
so i’m gonna weep,weep,weep,weep
untlil i get deeper,i’m gonna f-cking creep her
i f-cked my teacher.that b-tch calls me a reaper
i’m like tyler,the creator
sh-ttin’ at makin rhymes
am i funny cuz i make vines?
my money makin’ inclines
i go to the valley is what i call vibes
rap is how i describe!
that kid asks me to summarize
hahahaha i baptize
i hate f-ckin’ red lights
i hate to f-ckin’ criticize
i hate f-ckin’ crocodiles
i hate to f-ckin’ advertize
i would love to be sanctified
b-tch that’s how i summerize
on my summer ride
i’m goin’to flip a nine
cuz i’m in puerto rico b-tch!
i f-ck so fast,libido
sippin cappuccino
i’m grumpy like robert di nero
f-ck anyone who got big ego!

day & night i’m on some same sh-t!