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3am – fantasy city lyrics


lit up

[verse 1]
i feel like 1991,when we had 2pac,ice cube and big pun
now we have all the rappers claiming they won
d-mn,i have never felt this good since a minute,boy
they ain’t ready for my thing,boy
i think i’m the one
my city don’t know me,these b-tches don’t know me
and when i finally make it,i’m pretty sure they gon’ own me
and that’s when they owe me
show me,cope me & throw me
cuz that’s the life of a rapper and you ain’t gotta close me
hottest on the block,i ain’t charging you for nothing
dirty sprite,obeying my thirst,keeping it right
1999,i feel like prince among fools
hottest mixtape got the streets drool and you ain’t got a like my sh-t cuz last time i checked people were hating on muhammad,moses and jesus too
make these people go like “d-mn,he can rap,he’s really cool”
sucker punch out the b-tch
cuz b-tch bad,women good
this song with a hook,had to do it cuz someone told me that i really should

sweet f-nny adams it’s all a fantasy
the city of hoes,the city of foes
when the soldier dies we only have roses to throw

[verse 2]
what’s the worth of my craft,writing words about my past
to make my future p-ss
generations after generations we never really end hunger,man
cuz rich only hungry for gold,d-mn
but still i’mma keep a peice,cuz i gotta frontin’
and that’s how i really am
i’m getting greeder cuz the only thing i was ever taught was that money is the root of all the evils
in this case i’m the lucifer
red bottoms,this juice is good
rolly and rolls ain’t seen in my city
where i’m from ain’t n0body witty
this my p-ssion,it’s in me
chasing glory,you believe me?
no more tears,you see me?
h-town nothing like my city
young prodigy,check out my quality
man,i’m trying to set up a dynasty
you’s a fake -ss wannabe,look at my economy,just look at my economy
i’m just trying to do some musical comedy,turns out people taken it as a moral philosophy
where i’m from?,it’s called the city
and you ain’t got nothing on me