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3am – pious devil lyrics


i thought you were my boy
we loved wearing those sneaker
even when the world f-cked us
we were still thinkin’ of that villa
i sometimes loved you more than god
but i never knew you were sent from the same god
so i just wanna say “sorry god”
you were the one there for me when i felt alone
f-ck these fake friends
f-ck these b-tches
cuz the only one i saw there was you
earth was difficult to live in,i never had a clue
i was different,i knew
i saw life deeper than the taboo
i just wanna sometimes f-ck everyone
drink,do drugs and never think
man,f-ck this sh-t
i just wanna quit
all these people are mitts
making myths
vibe’n in my crib
ain’t that some sh-t?
pious devil,uh
a pious devil,uh
they say peace is in a prayer
i say peace is also in being a billionaire
(but how you gonna be a millionaire?)
while i’m here,i’m still there
i don’t know what has happened to me,i just wanna stare
no matter what,they won’t care
so,smile and let yourself cheer
i only believe in god
cuz other’s are fraud
i never was like this
i was never broad
watching me from here to there is sometimes odd
i never talk to anyone like i do to you
christian,muslim or a jew
i love him more than anyone of you
never call me a friend
because i have different point of view
man,f-ck you
those nights of me in those zone
searching for the throne
while i was on a loan
i just never wanna go back there
b-tch,i’m the best and i declare
y’ll better take care