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3am – pound cake remix lyrics


i just f-cked with 100 milli
b-tch,and i don’t call it silly
doing what i’m supposed to do
the street’s mine
who the f-ck are you?
sittin’ with my squad
making beats
top of the shelf
dinner with the elite
poppin’ molly,rockin’ yeezys on my feet
here’s a part of me you don’t know
i don’t f-ck with hoes like you do
i’m a young biggie,nas & hov
every night it’s a new day
i’m not like how they portray
i kinda get lonely sometimes
so i try to write all these rhymes
that b-tch handles me like i’m a celebrity
so i handle her -ss like she a fan
i don’t care about other like i care about you
so baby you better be mine