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3am – self control/i don’t care lyrics


i don’t care
i don’t care
i don’t care
i’m on some wisp sh-t
i don’t care

[verse 1]
bought your b-tch a new bentley,i don’t care
blm,rdc,sh-t’s weak,i just made all this up,i don’t care
i’m on some wisp sh-t,don’t you know i don’t care?
if my other b-tch was as pretty as my main,i would’ve f-cked her instead,yeah
i don’t care what numbers my sh-t do cuz last time i checked i was downloading illegal music through mp3skull too,yeah
rapper with a fake jewellery,i don’t care
let fakewatchbusta buss em’,i don’t care
p-rnstars don’t have to f-ck well, they have to act like they f-ck well,yeah
these rappers are like p-rnstars,i swear
you won’t see me for the next 365 days,on some wisp sh-t,i don’t care
let your speakers cough,i don’t care
i don’t care
i don’t care
i don’t care
on some wisp sh-t
i don’t care

[verse 2]
my d-ck happy meal for these hoes,i don’t care
wisp sh-t,i double dare
people talkin’ sh-t,let me get my gear
wearin’ the streets,nikes on my feet,yeah
b-tch i’m punkin’,let me swear
party where i can p-ss,i don’t care
f-ck your arrogance,i don’t care
in china like yao ming
clinton with the tricks,b-tch i’ve already won it
i ain’t sleeping till i get done with this sh-t
scurr,scurr,get the f-ck outta my way