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3am – shard in a skin lyrics


there goes my love!
what do i do,lord?
if i had it in my hand i would’ve given her a beauty pageant award
as i make a move,she backs herself up,she’s shy
them booty makes me go “hands up”
it’s like a game of chess,i’ll never win
in such situation,i’ve never been
girl,you may not take notice,but do come to me
i’ve been dreamin’ us for years,je..
looked for you in fields and forests,eah..
god is everywhere
if he is in me,why not in you,eh?
i sound like a despo
f-ck,give me some mentos
need to clear my mind up
i must utter what comes to my lips
for you i seek my master,say a prayer and then surrender to god
wait for you for like 100 days,can’t see you,now mournin’ for you for like 1000 dates
but even if i catch a glimpse,be smiling like as if i finally went with you on a dinner date,dinner date,aye
tell that gong man to hit it hard
cuz this the ultimate end,i might never come back

been goin’ rick james for you,baby you’re a wonder
and my love for you is like stevie wonder
your eyes cause thunder,lips cause rumble
only three things i need is you,pillow and a cover
baby,you’re god sent,so my love for you will probably never end
everything seems so meaningless next to you,every other girl i look they aren’t even close to you
and i’m here at my momma’s room writing all this for you
you’re like needle in a haystack
nectar in a flower,i just wanna love you harder
others want you as their wife but i just wanna be friends with benefits
give you my everything
i wanna be with you all my life
i’mma play you like a xbox,more closer i get achievement unlocks
i ain’t rollin’ kush,i ain’t rollin’ weed
only addiction i got is you,that’s like i got a metal shard in me