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3am – shit happens lyrics


sh-t happens,shhhhhit happens
(verse 1)
ridin’ in that camaro
p-ssing by the hoods & ghettos
some snitch be tellin’ feds
he be acting brand new
jakes be shootin’ in that potato quality videos
they doin’ everything subliminal
they arrested my right
all that sh-t was against the rights
gettin’ paper
i’m talking majors”
my father be workin’ his -ss off for the lottery
life is a b-tch,then he dies
i’mma never cry
i asked lord why?
then i moved on with a sigh
in codes we reply
racks on cracks,i’m talkin’ 5s
that b-tch gives me a goog
ho i’m never on the internet
i’m low key,dope boy!
my house got 4 keys
we are the “fraud trustees”
that b-tch put some mayonnaise while i asked for some cheese!