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3am – staying true lyrics


i’m so fresh
i can even eat out em’ flesh
b-tches don’t love me,i don’t love these b-tches
since when violence merged with religion?
i’m suffering through depression like i’m in a motherf-ckin’ prison
i can see my life through a prism
i’m so high,i’m havin’ night visions
now don’t confuse me with intoxication,i’m just too deep to be in a normal region
you say “religion is a threat” well,i have a different opinion
my love for god is bigger than your cocaine addiction
allah is my homie,cuz he’s the only one helping me to achieve my ambition
what is love without pain?
what is belief without patience?
i’mma preserve myself f-ck all these midgets
you know who i am the wonder,james and hendrix
f-ck all the f-ck talks,i’mma stay f-ckin’ with these glocks
you can try to put as many gun laws as you want but you ain’t gonna earn nothin’
cuz the problem is education but you just too ignorant,ain’t it?
while these bogus rappers trying to promote fornication,i’mma stay humble to myself first and promote education
so much frustration,i’m beginning to suffer from de-hyderation
god protect my soul,i didn’t know how much i’m surrounded with vanity
surfen’ through my t.v tragedy after tragedy
f-ck it,amnesty
my hustle is necessary,these b-tches,these hoes,these clothes temporary,yo got it?
i’m stay true to myself,i don’t care how busy you’re makin’ these wealth
b-tch i’m a don,60 on these louie vuittons
sh-t,i just started talking the same old sh-t with the same old grip
i should probably lie on a couch and eat those same old chips with those same old dips
i should probably kiss on the same old lip with flippin’ those same old flips
i’m talking nothing but sh-t,sh-t