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3av – fruit platter lyrics


[3av chorus]
yo legs in the air, my face planted between your thighs
my tongue flicking up & down side 2 side
you moaning in a falsetto
like guitar strings i’m strumming your cl-t
you love it i love it, i love it you love it

[1st verse]
yo pussy sweeter than a bowl of fruits
i love pussy that taste like a bowl of fruits
monday she taste like mangos from dr
ripe & luscious
tuesday that pussy sweet & juicy like a pineapple
wednesday flavor my favorite p-ssion fruit so succulent
tasty thursday always a delight the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice
the redder the cherry the sweeter the pussy
freaky friday always a surprise, maybe peach, maybe plum, could be grapes
i eat that pussy like a porter house steak
saturday is chicken & watermelon mouthwatering thinking about it
on sunday i’m let you rest, c-m 12 am i’m having u 4 breakfast grapefruit
my favorite fruit salad is in between yo legs sweet heart
spread your legs apart
let me play my part
strum yo pussy like a harp