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3breezy – message to her lyrics


silly me, really thought you was sliding aye
silly me, really thought you was riding
i was blind by the facts, so blind i opened up a little bit aye
now i can see that you’re lying aye

it don’t make no sense cause i was nothing but good to you
but it comes to show that i was never no good for you
i’m so tired of these heartaches aye
fighting these demons so long they telling me that i’m wrong
don’t know how much my little heart can take aye

supposed to be a man but he be acting like a b+tch i just don’t understand
i know you been through h+ll and back, don’t even hold your hand aye
i just don’t get it i can’t comprehend

you get to crying and then he just get to smirking
how the f+ck you get satisfaction of seeing her hurting
i know you gon try and try but it ain’t working
pick your head up baby know you got a purpose

no it ain’t got last for long and that’s fasho
wait till she finds herself and i bet that she got glow
i said baby why you sad?
get about your bag and once he realize that you the best he ever had
look at you shining now aye
girl you shine brighter than a diamond now
she fell back and she ran her bread up that what time’s about
girl i’m just loving this new you, you out here living your life
now she ain’t worry bout no man unless he treating her right
and i’m so proud of you
i just might take you to that store and i’m gonna prada you
let me tell you something
keep it real i ain’t got lie to you
you can do more good for yourself than any guy can do
i see you that you done turned all your tears into a smile
i know that you good cause i ain’t seen it in a while
your mind was clouded by abuse but now it’s clear you can see
and i don’t want you to forget so just repeat after me

say pretty me, i’m over the lying aye
say pretty me, i’m done with the trying
i was blind by the facts
so blind i opened up a little bit
and now i’m over the crying aye

now it’s making sense because i thought you was good for me
but in the end i see you never was good to me
thank god i’m over all these heartaches aye
yeah i’ve been hurt for so long but somehow i remain strong
but now i know how much my heart can take aye