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3cho.the.influenza – testing lyrics



(verse 1)
break a big bank
cop a mustang
i been working on the big break like the big bang
beating on my chest
sorry on my breast
fatter than the rest
you can keep the stress
hit them with the vibes when i come through that’s a coup de tat


(verse 2)
if she talk trash i go delete am (gbo)
if she like bazz i go deal with am (yehh)
saw her backstage she was smoking banku (ahh)
so i told the drugs i would tell her uncle (uhh)
burn like candle
baby girl looking like a bundle (uhh)
follow+come swag when we come through (through)
and we no dey do things wey we no do
brother johnbull, you dey fumble
you dey fight slay queen royal rumble
and you talk say na jazz when she dump you
all your mates dey chew cud you dey cuddle
see this born fool
saying bonjour
there’s nothing left in ikotun
i dey cool your fm like do2tun
and i’m always on my right like otun


aaron don’t k!ll me na
aaron don’t k!ll me na