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3cr – murder is my hobby lyrics


my name is doctor shipman, my surgery’s in hyde,
i’m no longer practicing ‘cos all my patients died,
i gave them too much morphine, it didn’t take much skill,
and just before they popped their clogs i forged their
f-cking will,


murder is my hobby, it helps to p-ss the time,
i just think i’m getting rid of all the f-cking slime,
now that it’s so addictive there’s no way i can stop,
i’ve turned into a serial killer hunted by the cops,

my name is peter suttcliffe the man they call the ripper,
i travelled many places but i weren’t no day-tripper,
i always had my hammer to hit them on the head,
by the time they caught me there were thirteen women


our names are fred and rose, our second name is west,
out of all the serial killers i think we were best,
many people stayed with us, they came here in their
most of them we buried under our floorboards,