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3d – relapse lyrics


h-llo, anybody there, no.. oh well, buh bye (screaming and evil laughs)
what, is that you. i don’t know.. wait give me a minute here
wait no! wait.yo where’s my pad, where’s the pen
i got a rhyme in my head
b-tch get f-ck off me.. wait
ha, ha ha ha ha

[verse 1]
see now here we go
the devil took over my mind he’s like my ho
see now everyone is my ho if you listen to hard
you know that i’m really from k-mart, and i’m rippin’ the isles apart
see i’m the reason why all these demons are in me
n0body can keep up with the sound of 3d.. ha ha!
i k!ll everybody so blood all over the walls
first they were white, now they’re red like i’m decking the halls
i ain’t santa, man a, fan a, can uh, duh
yeah, i ate a can of duh last night for dinner
that b-tch was sucking my d-ck now she 90 inches thinner
yeah 2-by-2, 4-by-4
wait no pick up the phone, h-llo john is that you
i don’t know but what i do know is i can tell you that they were driving away in a black mitsubishi today
i’ve been shot 1, 2, 3, 4
oh my god i’m at the saint andrews door
i dis everybody in my way
try to f-ck with me cuz’ there’s no way i’m coming back to stay
i. am. no. wheres. to. be. found
see now i’m back in the lost and found
but i’m always lost but i never seem to suffer the cost of life
see now here we go again
oh my god.. quit k!lling him
stab 1, stab twice
oh my god valium smells nice
yeah well now it’s up in my nose
and what do you want me to do cuz n0body knows
what goes through my mind
it’s really my time
n0body makes good music anymore
see that’s why i’m coming in
see i don’t make good music either
but.. wait what, oh yeah hither .. no just spray it, what no
what the f-ck was i saying i totally forgot
i’m like a robot
no i’m not
no where near what the f-ck i was doing
and i’m sewing
and i’m like mommy i’m a moving
no i’m not this is my house
see now i’m relapse time
see now i relapse 24
i don’t need no counseling anymo’
why i really don’t know, are you a square? cuz i’m a circle in there
can you fit in here
chinese b-tches everywhere, i’m out
please tell me, what’s going on, oh sorry, please somebody call the cops he’s dead.. he’s been dead since 9
b-tch, shut the f-ck up
i go to h-ll
with satan in his jail cell
the jail cell number is 802
i’m sick of vermont and milton too
i don’t got anything here nothing new
all it is, is b-tches f-cking you
then they go back out on the corner
just to make a quick quarter
b-tches and worth the
i don’t know.. i’m really crazy
you wanna f-ck with me that’s lazy
i’m daisy and i like daffy
i can’t mess with you i’m happy
i use different voices
it’s the choices
i don’t got anything around like horses
but oh well i guess i’m gone it’s time for the song to be..