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3d – thoughts lyrics


[verse 1: 3d]

knew my rap name but called me by my government though
i told you things that i ain’t even told my mother before
on the phone for hours, but it felt like minutes
suicidal you beside him made him felt like living
use to talk back when cellular phones was still flipping
calls every ten minutes got dropped you wasn’t tripping
neither was i, said wrong things because i
couldn’t understand how a goddess could love a bug’s life
so maybe it’s all my fault that
things went sour now we barely even talk
i go to sleep after a drink and dream of walks in the park
i took a shot and to be honest i got lost in the dark
now im here without my better half i’m falling apart
got a hole inside my chest can’t even call it a heart
i’m good though, i guess i gotta be
a million fish up in the sea but i feel like i hit the lottery


man forreal
i know you never believed it, and you probably never will
but i never met anybody like you
and i dont know, its just something about you
can’t forget

[verse 2: 3d]

knew my rap name but called me by my government though
was gonna travel ’round the world with you my cheri amor
never thought we’d be at where we at today
girl all this texting ain’t enough i got alot to say
thinking bout you so much i been feeling kinda strange
borderline stalking you all on your facebook page
could you blame me, you changed me
hope i get a second chance cause baby i ain’t the same me
i guess we wasn’t never what i had thought
cause i believed it wouldn’t be a day where we didn’t talk
its true how they say, life is short
its kind of hard to admit it but my feelings was caught
i could say im king, all i want
but whats a championship ring without the fans support
trying to forget you, its hard to
you always on my mind and you still got my heart too


man, you always on my mind, always
i can’t even go into too much detail, i’m at a loss for words
i mean i look up at the moon and the stars
and wonder where you are, or if you are