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3d – time machine lyrics


[verse 1: 3d]

i wish i had a time machine i would go back in time
and me and old dirty would cypher a couple rhymes
would go to big l hood and link wit him at the dice game
pull left eye out that car and put aliyah on the right plane
i know its not makin no sense but
its funny how one short night can make ya life change
just trynna do the right thang
but every days a battle between my left and right brain
and since nothin will help me cheer up
i would go back in time to when i first met nyidera
thought it was love at first sight
but every word i said wrong id go back and make right
dont know if its a heaven or h-ll but still
id hope that my repairs would help me to take flight
can’t live wit regrets guess thats life
can’t studder my steps or think twice
i gotta live in the now
can’t change past but i can think different now
all the things that get me heated
i just breath then i scribble em down, and how
do i keep feeling deja vu
cause satan never gonna quit his dayjob too
every time that i make my moves
i wish time had a pause and a rewind too
i think back to when times was better
but now moods change quicker than the daily weather report
dont get it twisted my brotha dont get me wrong
im thankful for my life and im hopin it lasts long
i jsut gotta be strong
maybe my time machine will come after this song