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3d – you my friend lyrics


[verse 1: 3d]

it’s the, extra extra, etc. etc
i don’t set trends i’m my own trendsetter bruh
gotta keep it hot like the fabric of any sweater does
i’m hotter than you ever was and everywhere you never was
had to let the track breathe
cause i’m nasty as diseased feets of athletes
no need to clap heat
when you got automatic weapons all over your rap sheet
gotta go and get the paper the paper keep it moving
and i’m schooling mc’s but 3 is still a student
gotta slow it down, we rolling up while we rolling round
dreaming and we scheming on how we gone control the sound
dog i been a poet
been flipping these words around you ain’t even know it
ain’t no umbrella designed for this reign
from the netherlands to jersey it’s the foreign exchange

[skit] (voice of vito corleone from the godfather)

[verse 2: 3d]

even for a second, how could you sleep on this bed of h-rnets
every track list is full of that uncut rawness
ressurection of a t rex at my performance
these tracks is for that liquor store inside a dorm ish
ziploc’s full of that green forest
in high school they knew me like the black zack morris
i keeps it boom bap with no back pack on it’s
the younger version of yoda fresh off a bong rip
really listen to the song though
i kicks em off stage disrespectful like the gong show
i’mma play it smart though
never wanted to dumb it down, just might play the part though
see me shine like its a car show
feel my pain like it’s a art show
got a lot of tracks about grinding
but that’s only because i work hard though