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3d na’tee – dear old me lyrics


dear old me, you know me
i was just wondering, if you remember what you told me
when daddy shot himself in the brain, you was there to console me
when we went to jail sellin’ cocaine and we took it like a og

dear old me, remember when the cops came?
and they asked us what we got in front but we never did drop name
back then we were so unruly, 16 trying to tote that toolie
snuck in to a club, tryin’ to move drugs
not a cosby, but we love bud like rudy
got high, cut gl-sses
too smart for that sh-t
all we cared about was that rap [?]
mama on [?], remember we had that [?]
sleeping on an air matress
hanging down air maxes
flippin’ burgers like sponge bob
but always knew we would be a star like patrick
remember when you lost your virginity?
and you broke his heart eventually
losing daddy kinda hindered me
but f-ckin’ over n-ggas was a remedy
dear old me, you owe me
i know you thought that i’d leave you
but i can’t ’cause every time i look in the mirror
underneath it all, all i see is you
dear old me, remember when katrina hit?
lost everything and the government -ssaulted us with that fema sh-t
called us refugees, just ’cause we looted sh-t
said we deserved the peace, man that situation was so ludacris
that was right before you [?] rolled up in school and quit
thought we could make money movin’ bricks
working at the court house was lucrative
until you got caught doin’ foolish sh-t
dear old me, you know me
i told you i would never change
remember when you pulled that pistol out and told me you would shoot me in the brain?
i’m glad we made up
now look at us, [?] up
everyone used to hate us, now they congratulate us
everything we got paid for
never thought about sellin’ out
don’t have to worry about my whereabouts
’cause keeping you safe is all i care about
dear old me, you’re beautiful
nothin’ those n-ggas could do to you
you pressured me to be a better me
and since i bettered me, i included you
just wanna prove to you, never plan on losing you
so i’m a take care of me, just like you would do

i love you
i’m never gon’ switch up
haha, know that