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3face & cee – siren (interlude) lyrics


(verse 1)

story written in between the centrefold
i’m addicted to the beauty gotta let her go
f#ck that i ain’t going home
the world can’t bother me no more
i ain’t picking up the phone
when goddess beckons me we f#cking like we animals

debauchery living large
trip some acid see the stars
not from this world
we feel like alien from mars


red solar flares for hair
dance around the saturn rings
she don’t care
aphrodite so divine
there must be something in the atmosphere
she controls my every element
eyes dilated
you should not have let her in
the p#ssy got a stronger grip me than heroin

my escape is narrowing
cold running for the door
i hear my cries for help are echoing
why let the devil in
just to sneak a taste of oblivion
i cannot go have not complete my mission yet
little bits enough
to make the cheeks of alice blush
i say goodbye to all the things i know and love

(verse 2)

sense the demons
i won’t fear this crush
kiss you goddess in my feelings
this a different type of l#st
touched divine i’ve lost my eye sight
and the mortal sense of touch
promise i can handle you
d#mn you just gotta trust

thrown inside a tragic mind
you heal it blind
you are enough
just sacrifice
the blood is mine
give liquor through the rough
catch onto your aura
don’t think energy enough
let me k!ll for you my love
feed the darkness to above

i’ve been breathing for the queen
ah yeah
every torment gives me something like morphine
my dear
i’m imbedded in this dreamland
you’re the dream right here
take my last life
only wana see lightyears

sacrifice mine
we make our regime high gear
make our cash right
holding onto freedom
this the last time
finally relieve our tears
let me be your achilles
i will praise you hera