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3fin – goo lyrics


ion got time to play witchu
keep so honest i stain ya boo
keep so tru i rain this loot
tangerine skin burrberry goo
feeling so fresh russian amber shampoo
neck tatted with nacaal tattoo
mf say they go hard in the booth
just lil a rant that’s all for you crew

ion got patience boi im strictly for the loot
play with mine ima leave you like maru
whip off the planet no trace of you
alpha team kno but they never who
never what cause ima gone always do
never pump fake cause i always follow thru
never spare a second that be my taboo
always spill the truth cause it’s long over due
don’t tell me sh-t cause i be on dat
mr. push your cycle back i bleed on dat
alû roe shawty how i p’s on dat
keep it so g how be’z bout dat
thought yo -ss slatt but yo -ss a mug
boi whip my down i be feeling like a slug
never cut ties i be chillin w my mutts
sickmade shawty i ain’t never gave a f-ck!

they say time is money
time is also love
ion got love
need my money tho