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3flection – hooked lyrics


never for a second did he think it’d come to this
a man as young as this, you’re thinking why’d you run the risk?
you call it simple life, he called it punishment
with his future in the vice it’s the high he’s gonna get
blood pumpin
let the drugs come in
he wants nothing
but the rush again
and then he never thought twice
when they told him it was safe
now its weaving through his life
flowin through his veins
he loves it
fill him up again
and the comfort
it could usher in
he felt weak and he needed a doctor now he’s
elite and it’s cheaper than water
all a sudden, caution
this addiction isn’t slowing
watch it man
the fixes still are growing
it’s taking more and more
hits, more to get him going
the worst part about it
really isn’t knowing
what’s the consequences for not stopping the progression?
will he just get taught a lesson will this go to far to step in new directions?
and now the price goes up, and so does the use
but he wants the finest cuts and doesn’t know what to do
or how to buy the stuff, the nightmare’s coming true
but he’s getting higher up, and he won’t undo
all the time it took, to get the midas touch
f-ck it, light it up! like

it felt so good and it worked so well
but it taints my blood and i hurt myself
i said it felt so good, and it worked so well
but it taints my blood, and i hurt myself.

put the needle to his skin and inject it
there’s no feelin’ like his head gets
no slowing up its spreading
the gates opened up and the world could get it
he knows he’s got a problem, now, but to solve it
he’s got to want to solve it, but man it feels awesome
these other options are exhausting,
he can’t stop it without getting nauseous
so shoot the mother f-ckin’ drug up in the blood stream
he never had enough guts to come clean
but everybody knew he was up to something
an intervention, the result was nothing
smoke, snort, incision, get that black liquid in him
doesn’t matter what method, just back in his system
when he can’t pay the dealer, in fact, he would kill him
but his own body would


we’ve never had dope like this
they say we have no crisis
my god but the further down the road life gets
don’t quit… the more i show my fist
cuz it kills from the inside, builds on the out
we still wanna get high, and sit on the couch
find alternatives, aim and narrow in
ok here it is oil is our heroin
oil is our heroin