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3gee – snitch lyrics


i just wanna smoke
i just wanna blowf
i just wanna do the things
i didn’t do before

sipping on my cup
swimming in that liquor
see girls in the club doing
all the crazy dance

[verse 2]

all i care bout its money
don’t care about n-gg-s
no friction
i’m just grinding been struggling
to get my -ss up in this level
now i did but they hating
oh, they gotta know this
no practice….man this ain’t
a game so f-ck checkmates
now they wanna know how
i got here, i just tell em say man

“i’ve been sitting down and write
in my room then go to the studio
man record em hits and k!lling the
beat and take to the radio
it wasn’t easy to let you know
asking for slots just to k!ll the
shows, do gigs for free just for
me to blow all i am trying is to
let you know ”

they told me to let it go
i asked myself what the f-ck
they know, the way they’ve
been tripping though
you even swear that its tv show
with my kinda type of flow
you think that its gimmicks
man f-ck these hoes

condoner lets shut this
claiming they bad while
its tiptoe