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3glokkz – opp where pt. 1 lyrics


(tylain made the beat)x2
3glokkz, i got 3 poles for a f+cking opp (f+cking opp)
3glokkz (young jay, lets get it) say look

n++++ out here capping i ain’t with all that lackin sh+t
he played us like a goofy call me neutron got to blasting sh+t
n++++ know i be going stupid b+tch im going dumb
i seen his opp ass dissing so i hit em with that 50 drum (boom boom boom boom)
317 naptown sh+t, i swear y’all n++++ b+tches
out here in the feild with a bl!ck
i give a n+gga stitches, he said he was strong he can fight? he can catch extensions
and u know it’s 3glokkz b+tch they know that im with it
i heard these n++++ talking strong aye say little b+tch what you on
i ain’t from the north but a n+gga can still grab that pole, and this b+tch it came with some nuts yea ima get him gone (yea, yea, yea) yea and b+tch i’m in the streets with my heat who be capping now
if i see opp by himself i get to spazzin out
f+ckin on yo b+tch from the back she get to tappin out
and im 3glokkz with 3 poles so who be lackin now?
heard these n++++s dissin im like what the f+ck you doing mane
if u broke ain’t gettin no money we are not the same
you flexin with a hundred dollar bill b+tch thats pocket change, n++++s still claimin im they opp, i swear that sh+t is lame
its still ice all in my mouth ain’t no johnny deng
and it ain’t no features for free b+tch u gotta pay
im at war with the city u should know that
n++++s spoke on my name little b+tch know that sh+t cap
free lil juan out them gates can’t wait till he back
i used to be rappin so a++, but all i do is snap
so b+tch yea im grabbin my bl!ck, gettin to that cheese like a rat but h+ll nah i can’t snitch
and i got my pole too, i ain’t neva told i ain’t 6ix9ine foo
them n++++s on that block they was selling dog food
just know i got my glizzy and little b+tch i keep my tool
u made b+tches laugh in class i was trappin at my school
me and my gang we go crazy n++++ we some loose goose he said he was a crip but he snitched blue clues
i was worried bout the bread you worried bout new shoes
glock wet his a++ up you would’ve thought it was a pool
like it was due i get that paper, smokin that purple and yellow looking like a laker
chasing bags b+tch i cannot chase her, my glock came with a d+ck and it gotta green laser
bullets light his a++ up u thought it was ah taser (he tased up he electrocuted, that’s on the gang)
3glokkz i got 3 poles for a f+cking opp