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3is – holy sh!t lyrics


[verse 1: 3is]
you didn’t see this coming
life’s a rich dumb blonde, shes my blind date
ugh, she didn’t see that coming
like some f-cking slipped drinks, date rape
yeah, y’all didn’t see this coming
now me and the rap game just baby make
they elate when i go irate, on point like on time
i’m the one arriving early, so really your too late
if you read it’s like an album from drake
i’m with a foreign chick that i fornicate
she starts to menstruate whenever i penetrate
what the heart wants is what my d-ck needs
call that give or take, don’t matter if it all correlates
this b-tch is quick to clap and make that -ss shake
she gets a head start giving brain, no headaches
and that’s when she causes a couple of earthquakes
better hope i don’t give them h-ll for heavens sake
got loud that puts you in the house two half baked
sorry babe when i say its over like a closed case
or shutting the f-cking drapes, running her heart race
then i stick that d-ck in her like scotch taped together
covered in glued up with crest tooth paste
desserting love is a slice of paradise, just a piece of cake
love the way i’m taken for a smooth ride, but give her a tough break
that b-tch throws her p-ssy back, and there’s never any pump fakes
she just says i’m great, cause i get it wetter then all five of those lakes
it can go either way, they hate to love it and im just loving their hate

yeah yeah yeah
and i got this feeling like
yeah yeah yeah
here we go

[verse 2]
poison snake venom when i spit, holy f-cking sh-t
i’m on another level, im just way to legit