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3is – not important lyrics


real eyes, tend to realize and recognize
real lies, i really tried but really got tired
it’s not my fault you didn’t decide to pick a side
honestly you’ll have crossed the line if you don’t choose mine
cause i’m the great state of mind
all i gotta say is think twice, don’t get declined
if you do ya better go run and hide
ya don’t wanna see the scene i leave after before you run out of time
been through ups and downs in life?
yeah so? what do you want crackers with that wine?
look around and see that is so likewise
likewise, likewise, likewise
motherf-cker i said it, that is just so likewise

[verse 1]
man, just bank on it because i deliver like a five star river rapid
i start tripping when the beat dropping, my rap sheet is like five sheets of acid
get bodied then watch as your holy spirit floats right out of your open casket
blow more white then the speed of lindsey vonn on skies in aspen
i never had to start asking your b-tch a question
like, “so can i have that -ss then?”
cause she lets me wear that -ss out thin, and that’s faster then
being gone with the wind or before she can even ask where and when
i wear her -ss out real quick like she a nice fit
that’s similar to when i go to stick it in
the way she rides this d-ck, i always make sure she has her seatbelt fastened
and i make her -ss tap before we can even begin
so you can say the beginning is more like the end
plus, right after that she gives me head that could use a couple aspirin
i’ma mess in the sheets, just look at the mattress and see the traction
watching that is like the main attraction
cause i be k!lling the p-ssy now it’s a fatal attraction
during this, more happens then a movie filled with action
slice it anyway you want it, i’m splitting that log cabin like simplified fractions
you’ll wanna see it again, so just let me reenact it
and if i did, the very same thing would happen to any actress
yeah, and i’m still flying off the handle
y’all couldn’t fit in my shoes, i’ll flip you right out of your open toed sandals
wish a boy would, i’ll -ssist you as soon as you blow out birthday candles
i’ma f-cking big dawg taking big sh-ts, call it a cujo’s stool sample
i’m made of money and they struck me as a pro oiler, earl campbell
i ain’t lion, but i am the king of the jungle
i cover the field, i’m way too royal and they won’t be able to rumble
this goes out to all my rivals who can’t stand me, that’s why they start to stumble
i always remain humble, knowing i’ll keep going in while their going to shambles
both of my eyes got pupils shaped like dollar signs, you just take it as a sign, go panhandle
your b-tch is an addict for this d-ck, treats it like it’s her only fix
the thought of one more needle to the vein is what made her brain sick
she lets that idea hang around, get it? she tries to kick it
but i at least give her credit, mostly though just forget it
simply because she’ll fill up her body with injections of dirty sins
you know, the ulterior motive to her past regrets that caused k!ller pain to her mind before it could ever reset again


[verse 2]
ugh, i’m just like the wise, of course they think it’s all an act
see, the reason for that is they tend to react when you say facts
this is like a fax machine soundtrack
call me the third wise man playing with a hackie sack
cause i kick knowledge everywhere, so i expect them to be scared
it ain’t f-cking fair when you’re looked at as a evil lair
but then again i know their visions are all impaired
i can say for sure me and this world just aren’t a good pair
rest -ssure, i never relied on my guts to overcome any despair
always answered the call if i picked up negativity that may of been near
none of my nightmares would ever dare to even appear
in other words i was never questioned by whatever you feared
i applied pressure while you were being pressured by peers
the numbers on the board say your getting points docked like a fisherman’s pier
running this rap sh-t, i’ve turned it too my outhouse with a welcome mat that rappers beware
go against me and odds are against you so come prepared
kings don’t die and that’s why i’m alive, you’re not alone when there’s a top tier
you think your talking to yourself, but you forgot that others in the game can hear
i’m just doing a test run to make sure you hear me loud and clear
like when i say you can’t handle my bars, call that a bicycle impossible to steer
with that being said, how can you handle me if you can’t get back into your fifth gear?
i’m a poseidon with a beard, you panned out being with me having you pan seared
your a wizard playing quahog, that modern day b-tch made weird
your as soft as a quail bundled up in a quilt, such a f-cking queer
i do dirt through my music streams that’s berserk to the extreme, get sunned and knocked off your pedestal into a highchair
your lyrics get skipped and never replayed like its groundhog day that you land on a leap year
your only gonna take two things from this, me as a threat and my very own acts of godlike raps that are on your -ss as you take it like a champ from the rear

you ain’t that bad of a guy