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3is – tutorial lyrics


[verse 1]
y’all can’t see me i’m fogging up eyegl-sses
f-ck an eye test i rather rewind the flickering of your eyelashes
foreshadowing, i’m backtracking to where the magic happened
i’m walt disney with a top hat pulling out rabies infected rabbits
call this 24/6, but there’s no seventh day access
the day i created still needs much needed -ssets
the key is patience for my patients for this malpractice
you should really practice what you preach
know when your thought process channels evil plots before you speak
sometimes there’s chemical imbalances for us to always seek
even though very bleak
we all still have urges cause we’re human and anxiousness reaches its peak
what lingers is cloudy imagery with the potential to be soul sucking
it’s like a bunch of fetishes that come together and start f-cking
always redeem this malfunction
i’m always in control of this panic room aka the demon under your mattress
make us watch a funeral staring at your open casket
when i decide to pull you towards this h-ll on earth and fry you on its axis
and pull a fast one on you by taking your life before a director says action
get it abducted faster then a paparazzi member’s camera when it flashes
i stay in the lead and you’re like sipping a liter of lean, slower then mol-sses
i drop bombs b-tch and you’re barely armed with tim tebow p-sses
these are lyrical drones, the war on terror to other rappers is so tragic
on top of it all is where i end up on a every year average
you’re just scared sh-tless from a paranoid sickness, ima modern day black sabbath
with a mercenary mentality that’s consisted with gunslinging tactics
i do it bigger then a muscle head who’s a performing enhancer addict
this rap sh-t, i gotta it wrapped up like basket weave fabric
trust me when it comes to her head it’s fantastic
she’s a f-cking brain teasing fanatic

(yeah, see, i just got an extra eye on things that’s all)

[verse 2]
ugh, i give her dead roses, this is a love that’s taken us a ring around the rosy
you know our darkest secrets should remain low key
and you trying to fiddle this for me is what’s k!lling us slowly
surely we’re falling for one another but is it taking us apart or making us come together?
maybe we’ll go down into flames until we’re both ashes and ashes
look at both of our dignities then just simply trash it
i’ll probably end up looking more plastic while your ways become easily elastic
not saying that this relationship is becoming a detachment
maybe our outer sp-ce s-x would keep all of our other aspects more galactic
the last thing to do is worry cause either way it’s my funeral so no need to be in such a hurry
get it right or get left in a daze with a blank face, a state a confusion
let’s just burst into two forms of human combustion instead of feeding off each other’s source of consumption
it’s not just anything but it also ain’t nothing
like a billboard sign, it’s something that could be a phenomenon and so sublime
the finer things like the rest of both of our lives
i’ve twice have lost mine nine different times
that’s eighteen tries to try and make myself come alive
you’re a sacrificial lamb that lays out on the ground with every inch of your pride
the very soil you walk on is where the window to my soul exactly resides
and where it also lies knowing every single time you’re gonna get a reply
can you imagine being treated like extra piles of dirt that were often epitomized?
as feelings, after combining the ultimate humility of p-ssionate ways to create a collaboration enterprise?
how would you act? would your decision be more rash?
which influences the bad results to the way your skin reacts?
all in all you better learn to cut this world some slack
and back on track meaning back to these tracks or get tied to train tracks
one thing i can promise is being able to reveal what you do lack
you know, the light that eventually guides your willingness to survive
i gave up my place on the timeline of mankind just to show this spiritual side
by the way, she plays her role very well, a bonnie that misses her clyde
the perfect good girl that collides with natural bad guy
she really loves my s-x drive
shes my ride or die so the doors are suicide
she starts riding this d-ck the way it switches gear shifts, call that taking the whip out for a joy ride
wait, don’t wanna once again get off track or is that the point in fact
so just do you and do your own thing, whatever fits you
just remember to search deep inside cause there’s nothing to lose
that means there’s nothing you can do but win
life’s a b-tch so i stick it to her by shoving my long c-ck in
after i reload that sh-t and make the next target my laundry filled with dirty sins
but i the gemini comes with a warped mind that easily tends to wanna bend
this comes with hitting a brick wall and his mr. hyde ego comes h-ll bent
which is then followed by a devilish grin
oh sh-t, he tells himself this can’t happen again