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3ko – final year lyrics


final year
lil shawty what is the deal
these n-ggas don’t feel like it’s real
ima go in for the k!ll
this is my final year

august 14 one in million
cuff that girl that’s on in a billion
ima go up go up to a trillion
all on each other yeah we both feeling it
people doubted us from the start
they dated they broke each other hearts
but me and morgan we won’t do that sh-t
f-ck it ima go off in this b-tch

i’ve never been in love never in love
first month first month everything was kinda rough
she been through everything she small but she tough
she my lil baby that b-tch i cuffed
she my forever it’s romance and l-st
multiple fights before she was mine
she sweet but she sour like lemon and lime
do anything for her i’ll commit a crime
really fell in love this time
do whatever rock with her every single time
think about her everyday
walker that’s the last name
she baby she my bae
loved that b-tch 6th grade since the first day
supported me ever since i was down
she used to like white now she f-cking with brown