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3lw – girl can mack lyrics


a girl can mack
i’ve never been the one to cry
always had my way with guys
they went right after me
no matter what i did
its never been a selfish thang (i think)
a playas gotta stay in the game
sorry but that’s the way
i gotta run this game

i know you wanna touch me
but don’t you get your hopes up
i know you wanna hold me
before you get excited
you can step on the line
but don’t cross it
and yea i need to do your thang (i think)
a girl can mack too

i can show you that
your not the only one who can roll like that
so baby come and tell me
can you get with that
and it don’t take a genious
to figuire out
you’ve met your match
cuz a girl can mack

don’t be offended cuz
you hear my two way ring
i’ve gonna try my luck
because of you i act that way
i can get attention when i want
it doesn’t mean a thing to me
and i’m doing boy
what you do to me
what you do to me


chorus 2x

you had to play the game
baby i can do the same
you are not the only one
you can’t break hearts just for fun
don’t look so surprised to know
i’ll just keep it on the low
but a girl like me can mack

chorus 2x