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3ly – dealers cards lyrics


[hook: daniel brockwell]
i ain’t gonna wait, got no fate to date
man i hunger for the world to appreciate
these rhymes that i’m spitting like a dealers cards
so could you stand right up, get off your -ss

this food ain’t gonna pay itself
so chuck those sh-tty wayne records off the shelf
i won’t sell my name for a couple of bucks
flashing me a few dollars i don’t give two f-cks

[verse 1: 3ly]
sitting here in the studio, got writer’s block
it’s tick tock on the clock, real talk, real sh-t
homicidal misfit, mind’s twisted yet simplistic
pessimistic, but i give him his biscuit, on christmas
coz he’s eating you up, it’s on his wish list
intricate lyricist, displays blank innocence
i’m an excuse of a human being, something i’m guaranteeing on you agreeing
ruin businesses, what year is this?
f-ck ? people’s lines, i take this sh-t serious
girls, i count them like myriads, mad at me you’re on your period
why, there’s three lies, like three ?
not rapping, not fapping girls
i’m not tapping them, now put it in the ?


[verse 2: 3ly]
i’ve got nothing to my name, no money, superstardom
or no fame, yet these rapper know i’m on top of my game
i’m dope, i’m great, wanna bet let’s go back to october 28
you won’t go back there, it’s cl-ssified as rape
your girl is exuberant, take care of her with no lubricant
i never said s-x, you’re just -ssuming it
name a beat that i can’t murk, i’ll leave you sweating
like girl’s shirt, you creepy motherf-cker like herbert
take the ‘e.r.t’ of the end, i smoke that
most of these cats, i know how to chase the rats
but that ain’t my beat, prefer to go ham with some lettuce and cheese
these rapper’s so cut they be surfing the reef
for trying to be deep, let’s see if brockwell can handle the heat