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3mmvnu3l – stymie lyrics



[repeat 3x]
what’s your stymie
it’s very unlikely to like me when i’m your stymie
but i don’t expect you to like me
just appreciate me
and when we get vibely
you will love me cos i will get you through the storm

hommie what’s your stymie
when you get depressed and you really wan go so highly
do you imbibe sedatives you cashing out bluntly
or you have someone to keep you in check, speaks to you bluntly

sweetheart what’s your stymie
when you feel some libilibi
going through your body
do you feel like touching yourself
to feel a little lively
or you believe in something bigger so makes it unlikely

before i rhyme i want to say one thing
the abc of my sins might not be the same as yours
but between us boy there is prolly nothing
but we end our day on xyz and then we think we vibing
little drops, little drops make the ocean though
so how do we, how do we stop it from overflow
same sins, same things , same sins we fight
just don’t disappear, we stay ready, yes we find our flight
stymie, what’s your stymie
it’s very likely and easy to fall when your stymie is flimsy
build a juggernaut hooked to heart and synced with your memory
jesus christ, the holy spirit, fear of god, genuine in you will work right