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3one6 – i believe lyrics


[kharis b]
here lies fear, agitation and doubt
it was sown, became a sprout that did scout for a place to call home to suck all the life and create effective drought
here lies fear, agitation and doubt
dead never to resurrect in my heart
for god did impart love, peace and joy
and i’m willing to play my part as god’s workmanship, his work of art

hear lies fear, agitation and doubt
forever gone because my savior has taken over
morover holy spirit lives in me, for all to see
i am peace personified, a force to reckon with, for i have an anchor firm and sure. i am free

during semblance of events
behind closed door meetings in my closet
with my king lover and father caught up in his indepth contents
he taught me a beautiful truth
to believe , come what may, refuse to act in the enemies play or let him have a say, nay he said let
jesus keep you at bay
just believe

beaten, battered, broken i still believe
if he could hover over chaos in the beginning and call life out of that situation
then i believe for i ain’t a daughter of eve
because i believe in my god’s words and i know he will never go on a french leave
i believe