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3pac – best believe lyrics


[verse 1]
let me tell you a story about a kid with a dream
yo, he thought to himself and hes known to do his thing
people never understood the visions that he had
his mom and his dad would often get mad and sorry ‘i’m sorry son but you’re living in a pop dream, you gotta get in touch with reality’
but he never listened, always kept on the grind
live from the lab, putting in time
still going to school but never knew why
sometimes he would leave early just to get high, took the stress off his mind
listen to a new beat, each week on the web conquering new feats
but never satisfied by where is was at
always hungry for more so he never stopped pumping out the tracks
giving the haters something they can attack
but its all good cause he all got him on the map
and i’m telling you this story cause this is about me
i want ya’ll to know who i’d rather be
a kid with a dream something like martin luther king
2013, i’m still doing my thing
just getting started, i’m showing ya’ll nothing
like true colours smoke coming out of the oven
hot flows, giving ya’ll something y’all be loving
heading to the top, you best believe