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3pac – chedda on mah dick lyrics


yeah, son
p-ss-drunk in the booth, not giving a hoot about sh-t, son
got chedda on my d-ck, boy
pumper in the game, son

chedda on my d-ck, chedda on my d-ck
everywhere i go i got chedda on my d-ck (x2)

[verse 1]
yeah son, chedda on my d-ck
i’m white and i’m rich and i don’t give a sh-t
i’m gonna bang [?], gettin’ ivy every day
i f-ck a b-tch drunk and i don’t care what you say

[zero hoots freestyle]
swaggin’ on these n-ggas every single day
you know what i do [?]
i do my own thing, i don’t give no d-mns or hoots or sh-ts or f-cks or beads or bonks or hoots
you know what i do? beast in the booth, i don’t give a f-ck about you
doing what i wanna do, hotter than the sun
smokin’ marijuana, do it because i wanna

[verse 2]
swag like osama, baby know i’m the man
and i’m blowing sh-t up, like the f-cking taliban, son
never gave a d-mn, never gave a hoot
certified boss, beast in the booth

chedda on my d-ck, chedda on my d-ck
chedda on my d-ck, chedda chedda on my d-ck (x2)

gettin’ the ched, gettin’ the bread
and you best know sugar mommas give me head (x2)

[verse 3]
i be beastin’, beastin’
i’m a feastin’, feastin’
i’m a freakin’, freakin’
it’s the weekend, weekend (x2)

two [?] sipping on a train, don’t give a f-ck
i be going f-cking dong in the f-cking booth, beast in the booth
3pac, you know i’m the sh-t
i go f-cking ham, b-tch, all i do is spit

[?], i’m the new matt drake
don’t give a f-cking hoot, you know what f-cking i say