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3pac – fuck a 9 to 5 lyrics


[intro : 3pac]
i just wanna coast
light one up son, you only live once
so you best live it right
give zero hoots, son
that’s real life

[hook : 3pac](2x)
i just wanna coast away
get up to the sky
free livin’ son
f-ck a 9 to 5

[bridge : 3pac]
yeah, you know what’s good!
f-ck a 9 to 5 (3x)
imma keep on hustling
cuz i gotta survive

[verse 1 : 3pac]
f-ck a 9 to 5
that stress and hoot
i’m just tryin’ to survive in the booth
sellin’ features, 50 racks for a show
she say she ain’t a hoe
but her knees on the flo’
she a chedda momma she know
that she gotta blow while in here
i don’t give a hoot, i do this shit bigga
make six figures, just to step inside the club
couple chedda mommas wanna show me that love
i don’t give a wack, trouts talkin’ smack
you gon get smacked, by the zhg goons
i got respect in the hood
and you knowin what’s good
could’ve sold yo girl for a stack
to my boys in the hood
what’s good? i’m a boss!
what’s good? i’m a king!
y’all didn’t know what i mean? i rep the bay
ten minutes away from san jose, where i lay
as we do it for the zhg