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3pac – gets chedda lyrics


he’s baaaack

[chorus x3]
i gets chedda, i gets chedda, i gets chedda

i just bought a rolex for my d-ck
i’m the rich white man, don’t give a sh-t
i don’t give a hoot, doin’ my own thing
k!ll it in the winter, summer, fall, and the spring
hold up, baby girl, you know i’m young
beat the cheeks seven days out the week, for the zhg
every track i freestyle like the nile, doin’ lines off the towel

chedda mama wanna f-ck me, cuz i don’t give no hoots
and she lucky, she lucky, yea she gets to f-ck me
chedda mama wanna f-ck me, f-ck me, f-ck me
that chedda mama son, she so lucky

imma beat the p-ssy up, slice a n-gg- up
something like nip tuck
boy, i’m a real thug
i don’t give a hoot
be showin’ me that love
silverback on track
never been f-ckin’ wack
i be straight swingin’
my jaw straight be swingin’
b-tch i don’t gotta give a mothaf-ckin hoot
because you know that i’m the beast in the booth

switch my flow, on the low
these n-gg-s i will smoke like escargot
we bout the low, 3pocalypse
that’s my name, never been a lame
made my own lane, (?) to the game
boy, i get it
i don’t give a hoot, i mean it

the game got taken over by a white n-gg-
and all these trouts are so jealous of me
because i outsmarted all of these f-ckin’ r-t-rded rappers
tryin’ to make it in the game, worldstar
b-tch i know
that was hilarious