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3pac – hollywood (what’s good son?) lyrics


yeah! hollywood!
what’s good son?
(3pacalyyyyyyyyyypse! he’s back!)

hollywood, hollywood, what’s good, what’s good? (x4)
what’s good? (what’s good?), what’s good? (what’s good?)
hollywood what’s good? hollywood what’s good?
hollywood (what’s good?), yeah
what’s good son?

[verse 1]
d-mn, what’s good, what’s good?
giving zero hoots out in hollywood
what’s good, what’s good? i be from the bay
still reppin’ even when i’m out in la

[zero hoots freestyle]
i don’t give hoot about none of that sh-t
i’m getting all the chedda, chedda mommas on deck
i don’t give a trout, i don’t give a trout
i’m getting that chedda and sh-t son
i smoke bands and beats and bongs
i smoke rocks going ham on the flow
laughing at these b-tches on the boat
rich like the boat
rich white man look like the-
i don’t give a trout or a hoot about sh-t
i’m gonna f-cking f-ck yo b-tch
i don’t give a f-ck about none of the wack–ss sh-t, i be getting all the chedda
i be doing the flow on the beat like escargot, these n-ggas a lil’ slow
i don’t give a hoot or a wack, i be the silverback on the track and i rap