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3pac – hustlin’ niggas lyrics


yeah son, it’s that gangsta sh-t, son
this ain’t even a joke
i’m hustlin son, i’m hustlin
gets the bread, son
nah, i never gave a hoot, son
i’m white, son
i’m rich, son
run the whole game, son
f-ckin’ ripped son, do what i want

ridin’ round town in a foreign that’s a nasty (x4)
i’m hustlin n-ggas!!! (x8)

[zero hoots freestyle]
gettin bread everywhere i f-ckin go
everybody knows i’m sellin out the shows
i’m swagged out, gettin’ paper from the f-ckin jump
everybody knows that’s what’s up
get the money, spend the racks, get bread, i don’t give a hoot (x2)

everybody wanna f-ck, cuz i get all this f-ckin chedda, son, that’s what up

i don’t give a hoot, go and get bread son, do my thing son
i get cheese son, i get the bread son, i don’t give a f-ck son
gotta get the chedda son, do my thing son, i’m a boss son
get the bread son, do my thing, i don’t give a hoot about sh-t
or a wack, or a d-mn, or a hoot, or a f-ck, or a sh-t
or a bead, or a bonk, or a hoot, i do what i wanna do

ridin’ round town in a beemer, i just found out your momma is a screamer
i f-cked her and your b-tch, she didn’t give a hoot
then she gave me 5 racks on my d-ck
don’t give a hoot or a f-ck about sh-t
if you f-ck with 3pac, we gon’ pop the trunk
pop the trunk son, blow ya head off
i don’t give a sh-t son, off the sh-ts, ohh
i go hard, like my d-ck, right now i got a big -ss b-n-r
don’t give a sh-t, i’m gonna bone her
because i really wanna bone her

get the money, i spent it, everybody knows i’m so legit (x2)
i’m gettin paper, cuz i’m in the crab
i’m gettin all this paper, i’m gettin all this paper, son, yeahhhaah
rollin’ in a scr-per, and you know i’m swaggin’
spinnin’ that sh-t every single day, doin’ my thing out here in the bay
i be speaking mad truth every day, in the booth
zero hoots freestyle, son, that’s all i do
because i don’t got time to speak that written sh-t
cuz i’m gonna f-ckin k!ll this sh-t
off the dome, all in one
think i don’t got the time to chop it up and mix that sh-t
i’m just gonna move on to the next song
because i go so ham in the booth and i’m gonna do what i want